Drag racing seems simple on the outside, but anyone who has tried to get the best time from their motorcycle would know that looks can be deceiving.

Doing the right burnout, nailing the launch RPM, sliding the clutch and hitting shift points – it all needs to come together in a perfect symphony of horsepower to produce the best time slip you can achieve.

Many riders have used the advice of national record holder Daniel Natalotto over the years at Perth Motorplex’s Formula Tech Whoop Ass Wednesday events. There Daniel is the ‘go to guy’, who helps explain the basics of the drag strip and makes many new riders comfortable with taking on the quarter mile. He and a knowledgeable group of riders are now aiming to help out new drag racers with one-on-one time to really extract the most from the abilities of their bike and themselves.

One hour tutorial sessions are available on Wednesday nights at Perth Motorplex between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. For just $100, you can gain from years of knowledge and provide advice tailored to your riding style to make sure you can go home with a personal best time to be proud of.

Coaches include:


Daniel Natalotto – record holding drag racer, Perth Motorplex’s ‘Go To Guy’ for new racers. Rides a B/SB BMW to some of the world’s quickest times for the model.[/stag_one_third] [stag_one_third]

Rob Wasley РCompetition Bike event winner and a tutor not just on the straightline, but also at Barbagallo Raceway. Races an extremely quick B/SB Suzuki.[/stag_one_third] [stag_one_third_last]

Brian Hotker – Modified Bike event winner who has contested many national championship rounds around the country aboard his Ducati.[/stag_one_third_last] [/stag_columns]


[stag_columns][stag_one_third]Paul Peacock – A motorcycle drag racer since the Ravenswood days, Paul has amassed decades of experience riding at street meets and in the Fast Series.[/stag_one_third] [stag_one_third]Lindsay Van – Sometimes he’s at street meets, others you might catch him in Competition Bike. But Daniel reckons he is one of the chief rivals when they go head to head![/stag_one_third] [stag_one_third_last][/stag_one_third_last] [/stag_columns]


Want to book? Call 0405691378. Online bookings coming soon.