Streetbike Drag Racing School

Drag racing seems simple on the outside, but anyone who has tried to get the best time from their motorcycle would know that looks can be deceiving.

The primary objective of the school is to grow the sport of drag racing amongst the motorcycle community while promoting ongoing training to allow the safest possible environment for all riders.

This is achieved through personalised tuition during the WhoopAss Wednesdays – Perth Motorplex off Street meetings. The service is provided free of charge to anyone who has paid their entry at the Perth Motorplex as a racer.
The Streetbike Drag Racing School is a not for profit organisation with any funding through sponsorship directly injected back into the school.
All rider skill levels are welcome from novice to advanced, all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Not only does this personalised rider training increase the motorcyclist’s ability to achieve a better time on the drag strip, it gives them a general overall better control and understanding of their machine, therefore increasing their safety and awareness level on public roads.
Circuit racers are also encouraged to come and improve their race starts to aid in gaining positions before turn one.
High performance training is highly beneficial to anyone who commutes day to day on the road on a motorcycle, to be able to understand how their machine will react in any given situation is a massive benefit to the rider.

Doing the right burnout, nailing the launch RPM, sliding the clutch and hitting shift points – it all needs to come together in a perfect symphony of horsepower to produce the best time slip you can achieve.

Contact Daniel Natalotto

Phone: 0405691378